We have 25 years experience of providing home support
that enables our service users to live the way they want


Some of our service users have been with us since we first started back in 1988 and in that time they have shown us that the most important skill we need is knowing how to listen. By paying proper attention we can respond appropriately to their needs and offer the support that they want which in turn enables them to live their lives their way.

Often our service users just want the opportunity to do everyday things in life and to have a choice over how they live, something that the rest of us often take for granted. Two of the ways we offer support in doing this are by advising on Personal Budgets and by offering individually tailored Support Plans.


Personal Budgets are pots of money for social care services, allocated based on the

needs of the individual following an assessment. If a person chooses, the money can be paid directly to them allowing them to shop around for the services they want. We can give advice on the best ways to manage a Personal Budget and help identify and find the services that are right for each individual. This helps them get the best out of their money and puts them in control of their support.


In order to get the best support available people are required to make a Support Plan and we can help with that, too. Our self-directed support team can call or visit and help fill in a profile so you can say:

• What you’re good at.
• What you need help with.
• How you would like to be helped.
• Who you would like to help and when.

For more information please call Sue on 01480 450596
or email huntingdonmencap@btconnect.com


Sally lives on her own and gets lots of support from her mum but her mum would like a break and Sally would like a personal assistant.

So, with our help Sally has support in looking after her home and with some personal tasks. We also help her meet up with her friends who join together for cookery lessons.

Sally has chosen to spend her  budget with us and has a direct payment to meet her needs.