What would your life be like without friends?
Meeting up for a coffee and a chat is easy… isn’t it?


People with learning disabilities are no different to everyone else. They too want a network of friends who they can talk to and share common interests with. However, the reality is that they all-too-often find themselves isolated in their own homes and alienated within their communities. To change this often all that’s needed is a little bit of help and encouragement – and that’s where we come in


Sometimes it’s little things like remembering a birthday or helping make a phone call that can make all the difference. Other times a bit more support might be needed organising transport or arranging a visit and these are just some of the things we can help with. Our self-directed support service is there to enable people to make and maintain social networks and access leisure and work opportunities.

In our experience a little bit of help is all it takes and they will do the rest.


For more information please call Sue or Rica on 01480 450596
or email huntingdonmencap@btconnect.com


These ladies have been friends for the past forty years. They only live ten miles from each other but for some with learning disabilities this may as well be a million miles.

With the help of Huntingdon Mencap and our dedicated staff teams we have made it possible for these ladies to keep in touch over the years and in the photo you see them enjoying a holiday together which would have been impossible without the support of the Society.

And when these ladies celebrated their 50th birthdays we were able to make sure they were part of each others special day. How’s that for keeping forty years of friendship alive and well?