We are proud to be a ‘can do’ Society and truly believe
that with the right support and an open attitude people can
achieve their goals and dreams


In 1986 the Society was asked to set up home for three people who needed to move from Ida Darwin hospital in Cambridge into the community. This was to be a home for life, a place that was theirs where they could make a home of their own. With the support of our fabulous and committed staff – plus a charity committee who believed in what we were doing – our first support tenancy was created. We still support those people and have gone on to provide other supported tenancies in Huntingdon and St Ives.


As well as providing supported tenancies in the community we also help those with learning diabilities improve their life skills, make and maintain social networks and access leisure and work opportunites. We always make sure that the support our service users receive is delivered in the way they want, empowering them to have control over their own lives. Support is offered from just one hour per day to 24 hours-a-day and all our staff teams have specialist learning disability training, including Makaton, Autism awareness, communication skills and advocacy, so we can give the best support possible.


We have a dedicated office and Hub in the centre of Huntingdon, open to all for advice or just a chat , whatever your enquiry we will try to help.We also offer a meeting room for groups, available Monday to Friday 9am -3.30pm and available to groups of up to 12. We can offer 2 hot-desking spaces from the Hub too, just the place for getting a peaceful place to work on a hectic day.


We work with partner housing agencies in providing properties and have developed a good relationship with these agencies over many years.

Huntingdon Mencap is a provider of supported housing schemes and approved by Cambridgeshire County Council and the Care Quality Commission.


• We believe that our service users have the right to live as they choose, with whom they choose and be supported in a way that empowers choice and a real sense of having their own home.

Anyone who visits always takes away the impression they have visited a real home.

• We believe people with learning disabilities have a worth within their community and can play a part in – and make a positive contribution to – local events.

We know that our neighbours have discovered this and they are the first to praise our service users on being good and responsible neighbours.

• We believe that people with learning disabilities have the right to take part in activities and holidays just like everyone else.

We’ve supported people in having holidays in the UK and abroad, activities from dancing to parachuting and all kinds of things in between.  We also encourage service users to be part of the Bedazzle project where they have the opportunity to learn theatre arts skills. (This even led to one of our members taking part in Eastenders!) Through dance and song Bedazzle promotes confidence and an ability to speak out in all areas of life.